Thursday, December 27, 2007

Book Club

I belong to a Women's Book Group through my church

The group recently selected the books to be read in 2008. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend that night, but am happy with the books chosen. I've read 3 of them already so it should be an easy year.

I have either read or listened to: Saving Fish from Drowning by Amy Tam (excellent, I enjoy her books); Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See (grabbed at the airport on the way home from Costa Rica and glad I did!) and Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson (listened on CD - very funny and highly informative book about the Appalachian Trail).

I find the list includes one classic and a host of fantastic authors.

So, here is what I will be reading for sure the next year. Plus, all the books on CD and other recommendations. My next post will be of the books not chosen for 2008 - there are 19 of them. These women LOVE to read!

Dogs of Babel by Carolyn Parkhurst
Plain Truth by Jodi Picout
Come Along with Me by Shirley Jackson
Lolita by Nabakov
Saving Fish from Drowning by Amy Tan
Pushing the Bear by Diane Glancy
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See
1000 White Women by Jim Fergus
Walk in the Wood by Bill Bryson
Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood
Shattered Dreams by Irene Spencer

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Earthbound Spirit said...

Looks like a great list! I've read both 1000 White Women - very good - and Alias Grace. I read Alias Grace so long ago, I don't remember it very well. OTOH, Margaret Atwood is such a good writer, it had to have been a good book! I really like Jodi Picoult's books, though I don't think I've read Plain Truth. Her latest, Seventeen Minutes, was awesome. I've had a copy of the Amy Tan book on my shelf for a long time, and have gotten mixed signals about the book. Happy reading!