Friday, March 21, 2008

Will It Never End?

I have had it with winter. I hate it and I want out! We are in the midst of a spring blizzard today. Yuck.

Having SAD is bad enough and makes every winter difficult, but this winter has been the worse on my psyche than any other I can remember.

The last week of somewhat nicer weather, the melting of 90% of the 80+ inches of snow we have had (and I have personally shoveled), has just been a tease. Not only for me, who was thrilled to see my daffodils pushing up, but for my dogs, too.

Lucy Lou, my "outside" girl, was spending more and more time sniffing the grass she hadn't seen in 4 months and finding spots of afternoon sun to it in. Both dogs are restless. We had started our long walks again and now - well, none of us likes walking in the snow and ice.

Phil has told me several times that we only have two more winters to go before our retirement. If the next one is as bad as this winter has been, I may just quit and find a beach to bum food on for the next the rest of my life!

What a drag this winter has been.

Oh, yeah . . . Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Piano Man

Sunday night my boyfriend and I (along with my nephew and his wife, Patrick & Pam) saw Billy Joel at the Bradley Center.

He rocked the house down.
It was also a great reminder of the influence his man as had over music during the last 30+ years. He's been around, he's a survivor. He's the piano man.

However, he didn't sing one of my favorites, "Uptown Girl." Maybe Christy got the rights!

But, if you want to hear it, try this link (he still had hair in this video!):

If you ever get the chance - go see him. It was a great show.