Sunday, October 25, 2015


In 2010 (quite the year) I retired from working for the City of Milwaukee for 32+ years.  I knew that retiring at 55 I would have find a part time job and work for a while, but I decided to go for it and along with retiring, I moved to northern Georgia.

Both were good moves. In fact, the two best decisions I have ever made.

In the spring of 2011 I started working part time for the Sequoyah Regional Library System - at the local library as a research assistant.  Another good move.  I worked with wonderful people in a library - how cool is that!  And, while we had a few patrons who were real stinkers, most were great.

When I turned 60 last August I realized I no longer "had" to work part time.  Financially, if I am careful and budget, I can live a comfortable life.  So, in the beginning of October I gave my notice and the 20th was my last day.

People keep asking me how I feel, being retired for the second time and hopefully, for good.

I don't know.

I am so busy through the beginning of the year, that I really won't have too much time to think about it. With a ton of "house work" to get done, two friends coming for Thanksgiving and a fabulous trip planned over the holidays I am pretty booked.  That doesn't include friends to see, several quilting project to get done with more to start, books to read, dogs to care for and the list goes on.

My friend, Sally, and I laugh about retirement.  She is also retired from her "career" job and works part time at a local library in Michigan.  We wonder how we ever worked full time, maintained our homes, had beautiful gardens, sometimes worked second jobs, traveled, volunteered and had very active social lives.  How the heck did we do it?

Well, we were much younger with more energy.

Now, in retirement we both wonder how we will get done all we want to accomplish.

I know I will enjoy not having to be or go anywhere I really don't want to be.  I know I will love more time spend with family and friends.  I know I will enjoy more "pajama" days spent sewing, reading and doing nothing.  I know I will do volunteer work.  I know I will enjoy day trips to the mountains, hiking and enjoying the area.

It's time.  I'm ready.  Retirement - here I come!