Monday, March 12, 2012

Springtime in the South

My mother, who was raised in southern Missouri, spent over 60 years in Wisconsin after marrying my father.  However, she always yearned for the South.  She hated winter (a trait I received from her) and I am sure she would have be diagnosed with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) if it was recognized as an illness back then.

Bradford pear trees in bloom across
the road from the entrance to my subdivision.
Many years we drove to Missouri over Easter break to visit my uncles and their families.  What a treat for me!  I always had fun and enjoyed my aunts, uncles and cousins.  The yummy food my aunts made was awesome and my uncles had great stories for me.  But, the weather!  It seemed it was always warm and flowers blooming - a welcome respite from Wisconsin where snow was likely to still be on the ground!

Once they retired my parents began to travel.  Most springs my mother insisted on traveling "down south" saying there was no place as pretty as the South in springtime.  My father was happy go, too.  They had retired happily to lake life in northern Wisconsin and I think Dad would get pretty tired of the long winter as well!

Every time I leave or enter my subdivsion in
the spring, these tress are showing off!

Now that I live in northern Georgia I have to agree with Mom.  My daffodils  and grape hyacinths are in full bloom and have been for a while as well as other spring bulb plants.  People have been out doing yard work for a couple of weeks.  The trees are starting to bloom. 

It's the trees I love.  For the next couple of months the crab apple, pear, red buds, dogwoods, etc., will be giving us a display that is hard to beat.

And, my mother was right.  There is no place as  pretty!

I have to add a few pictures of the pond which borders
one side of my subdivision.  This was taken around
7:30am, with the steam coming off the water.
Looking over the pond

View you see as you enter my subdivision (on right).  The
water is on both sides of the street.  This "pond" wasn't
here when I bought the house.  They changed the road
and flooded the swampy land and 
a creek that runs behind my house also empties into it.
  Quite a surprise when
I arrived a month after purchasing the house!