Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nocturnal Wanderings

I'm not sleeping well. Getting ready for my move to Georgia, thinking about finances, wondering when the movers are coming, wondering when they will deliver my stuff in Georgia, moving into my sub-leased apartment - it is keeping me awake.

Most nights between 2:30am and 3:00am my eyes open and I'm awake. Lately, after about 20 minutes I just get up and go down and try to read or make lists or get on the computer for a while. My doggie girls, Gracie and Lucy Lou stay in the bedroom sound asleep. They are so use to these wanderings they don't even look up anymore. Smart dogs. Sometime around 4:30ish I return to bed and fall into a deep sleep only to be awakened by the alarm clock less than an hour later. I feel like a zombie.

I'm emotionally strung out, stressed out and ready to have a major meltdown at any time or place.

People keep asking if I am excited about the move. No. I am not. I want it to be over and done with. My house is so full of boxes I can hardly move around. I can't clean because of the boxes so there are dust bunnies every where (Lucy Lou is shedding like a crazy dog). Thank goodness for Amy and David, good friends who have helped me stay focused and came to help pack. I now think I have a pretty good grip on the packing. My nephew, Patrick, is doing some touch up painting on the porch that the buyer's needed to have completed for their loan to go through. Thank goodness for Patrick (and my great-nephew, Aaron). I also had my chimney replaced per the inspection report.

I am moving most of my temporary things into the apartment May 2. The movers are coming May 6 or 7 with closing on the Milwaukee house on May 7. I will pre-sign all of the paperwork and I have until 6pm to be out of the house. I fly to Georgia May 8. Closing on the Canton, GA house is Monday, May 10. Movers will be there sometime between May 11-13. I fly home on May 17.

I've been busy calling utilities, insurance agents, cable companies. I'm making lists that are a mile long.
Please please, please let this be over. Please, please, please let me sleep.

You know when I will be excited? I am driving down May 27 - June 5. This trip I am looking forward to. While I will be unpacking boxes and organizing the new house, I can relax and do it at my own pace. I can sit by the community swimming pool. I can go to the mountains. I can explore my neighborhood and introduce myself to my neighbors. Life will be good.

In the meantime, I'm a zombie!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Home Sweet Home

My friend, Nancy, read somewhere of the most stressful times of a persons life. Like those surveys that list the top ten most stressful jobs. So, not surprising to me, right up there on the top three most stressful times of a persons life is selling and buying a house. Duh! I am proof of that.

After a whirlwind week of looking at houses, putting an offer on one, pulling out of that offer due to a bad realtor and being jerked around on what was an easy deal and extremely strong offer and literally sealing the deal on the way to the airport on another house, I bought a home in Canton, GA! Whew!

And, while it was more than I really wanted to pay, with the help of my realtor in Georgia, Robert Doyle, I got a wonderful deal on a brand new home. Yes - a brand new home, as in I am the first owner after the builder!

It is in the newer subdivision on the north side of Canton. It is a "cottage" style home - 3 bedrooms, master bedroom has huge walk in closet and wonderful bath (yes, I got a spa tub!), it has a living room and dining room combination with a beautiful fireplace. Attached garage! Laundry area and office nook! Nice kitchen with small breakfast area, granite counter tops and pretty backsplash. Off the kitchen is a screened in porch that opens to a small, fenced in backyard that borders a greenbelt (can never be developed). Cute front porch just perfect for rocking chairs. While the 2 other bedrooms are small, one will be a perfect guest bedroom and the other will be my quilting room. It is steps away from the office nook where I will keep my sewing machine and large enough for my ironing board and cutting table. Lots of closet space in the home, too. And, the best thing - it is a ranch, not step! NO STEPS!

My annual HOA fees include a huge, beautiful pool, a kiddie pool, tennis courts, a basketball courts, club house, etc. The area is relatively flat so it will be good for walking the doggie girls.

the house was almost at the top end of my price range, so I will be getting a part-time job later in the fall, but I feel I got a great deal and I know it is a good fit for me. Jen asked if I would work in a quilt store! Ha! I am afraid I would spend all of my money on fabric! But, who knows? My first thought is to work for a temp agency like ManPower so I can pick when I want to work and for how long at a stretch.

So, now the packing continues. The closings are in the 2nd week in May so while I have time, that will go fast. I also will need to move enough of my things over to my friends place for the next 3 1/2 months until I can actually retire. But, things are falling into place.

Home is where the heart is and I know this new house will quickly become my home. It will be difficult to leave my current home, but a young couple is buying it and will make changes and maybe even start a family here. My new home is less than an hour from my sister and 20 minutes from my nephew. I am already planning to host Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It's all good.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

I love springtime in the South. I'm in Georgia for a weekend spending time with family and looking at houses. This year the Japanese cherry trees are spectacular. All of the flowering trees are pretty. Flowers are blooming - it a lovely.

Spring is the time for rebirth - in all ways. The earth is shedding its cold blanket and flowers are pushing their way through the dirt towards the sun and leaves are budding on the trees and plants.

For me it is the time of change. My house is sold and I will close on it May 11. I am here now looking for a new place to call home in the Canton, GA area. But, since I can't retire until August 23, I will be temporarily moving into a friends upper duplex for 3 1/2 months in Milwaukee. Luckily, it is basically furnished so I only have to move in what I the very basics of what I will need for both myself and my doggie girls - no furniture, dishes - nada!. Hopefully, all of my belongings will be safe and sound in my new home in Georgia.

So, metaphorically, it is now a rebirth of myself, too. I will no longer be a "working" person, but a "retired" person, although I plan to get a part-time job after the holidays this year. I will be living in a whole new region of the United States - new state and new city. I will be making new friends, joining new groups and trying new activities. I know I will be busy and happy.

I am letting go of an old life and building a new one. Like the little flowers in my yard, I am pushing my way up towards the sun, feeling it warm me and pull me towards it.

Life is good and it will continue to be so. Hectic and crazy for the next few months, but good. It's time, it is my season of change and I intend to embrace this time for all it is worth!