Monday, June 27, 2011


Yup.  After not working for 11 months, I now have a fantastic part time job!

I knew when I retired that I would need to work part time for a few  years.  First, to build up my liquid cash reserves and have money to travel and secondly to get me out of the house and around people.  However, I didn't think it would be so long.

It's not like I haven't enjoyed my retirement.  I have.  And, it would be great not to need this job.  But, I do need it on so many different levels besides what I mentioned above.

It took longer to get a job because I needed the time to heal from the turmoil of 2010.  Emotionally, I wasn't ready to work, although the last couple of months my bank account was starting to look scary. 

I had applied back in February with Kelly Temp Services.  Although I did extremely well on both the interview and skill tests, the only two jobs offered me were long term and a long way from my house - equivalent to at least an hour drive to and from work.  No thank you.  This spring I started applying to local collages.  Nada.  But, I had a list of websites I checked weekly and bi-weekly and planned to keep trying.  I was getting a little concerned, though.  I needed a part time job.

I had applied on and off to be a Library Assistant with the Sequoyah Regional Library System, which serves three counties here in Georgia - Cherokee, Pickins and Gilmore.  Never got called for an interview.  Then, in February they experienced huge budget cuts and lay offs.  Oh, well . . .

I still checked out the library website for job openings.  And, in late May they had openings for both a Research Assistant and a Library Assistant at a library in my area.  I applied for both.  I was called to interview for the Research Assistant on Monday, interviewed on Tuesday and was offered the job on Friday!  Yippee!

It is the perfect job for me.  I work 16-17 hours a week, the pay is more than minimum wage, I work only every 4th Saturday, I never work later than 6pm and I GET TO WORK IN A LIBRARY!  I'm learning so much, too.  The people I work with are great and I am working with the public, which is fun.  Yes, parts of my job are rather tedious, but overall it is a perfect fit.  If I wasn't in a library I would be whistling while I work! 

I got my first paycheck.  hehehehehe  It was only for 27 hours, but I was as thrilled as if I made my first million!  LOL  Another thing I find so rewarding is seeing so many books come across my path that I have read.  And, I am starting a list of books/authors I want to read.  Plus, learning the ins and outs of helping people do research is very interesting. 

I am so fortunate!  I'm happy and so is my bank account.  Now, I better start researching English gardens, or maybe Tuscany or possibly Paris.  Where's my passport?

Saturday, June 25, 2011


My good friend, David, came for a visit in May for five nights.    We went up to Helen, GA and then to Anna Ruby Falls.  We went to the Aquarium and saw the dolphin show (very cool) .  We visited with my sister and brother-in-law and went to a couple of MeetUp functions.  We also just hung out and talked. 
Me and David at Anna Ruby Falls
I've known David for about eight years.  He has been a very good friend to me and I hope he feels the same about me.  When Phil died over a year ago now, David was the first one at my side and shared his stories of depression and suicidal thoughts.  His insights were extremely helpful to me.  In fact, David's insights on life are always interesting! 

We've had a lot of fun over the years and helped each other over some very rough times.  Our friendship is just that - friendship.  We do not cross the line.  And, that is just fine.  I've met most of his family and his awesome daughter.  It's been fun watching Nicole grow up and David is a great dad to her.  I really admire his parenting skills.

I have always had friendships with men.  And, once the "line" is drawn, for me it doesn't change.  I can somewhat understand that some people don't understand friendship between a woman and a man and I can understand how a man I am romantically involved with might feel threatened by such a friendship.  Everyone is different and I do understand that a man/woman friendship can cross the lines and become sexual.  It takes respect, understanding and trust to maintain such friendships on every ones part.  And, I have learned that if I am romantically involved with someone and he really gives me a difficult time about any "man" friendships I might have, he is totally insecure within himself and I need to leave. 

Pondering relationships at Anna Ruby Falls
 Were there awkward moments between David and me when he was here?  Maybe when I walked out of my bedroom in my robe and jammies the first morning, but we actually had a good laugh about how stupid I looked and moved on.  I know David would like to come again in the next year or so and I hope it works out.  I would love it if he brought his daughter along, but either way, he is always welcome!


Over Easter I spent a week in Mesa, AZ visiting my gal pal Nancy and sister, Linda.  I had a great time. I enjoy visiting this area and love the mountains, but sure was glad to be back in Georgia where it is GREEN! 

Nate and me
 A highlight of the trip was meeting my second cousin, Nathan, son of my cousin, Scott. The last time I saw Nate he was six weeks old. Now he has hair, teeth and is no longer in diapers (joking here) and is all grown up into a very nice and handsome young man. He is attending the University of Arizona on a full scholarship and going into enginering.  Linda and I had dinner with Nathan and his mom, Kaye and had a great time. It was so good to make this connection and next time I am in Arizona I hope we can get together again.

Sister Linda, me, Nate and Kaye, Nate's mom
 Nancy and I went to the Desert Botanical Gardens.  I took a ton of pictures, a few of which are shown below.  It was spring time in the desert and so many plants were in bloom.  It was a lovely day there.
Nancy and I always have fun together and this trip was no exception.  We ate laughed a lot, shopped a little, shared secrets and ate great food (YUM to the Thai and East Indian place, and Agritopia).  The best part is that Nancy is purchasing her very first house in Gilbert, AZ!  I got to tour the house three times and it is just charming.  She closes in a few weeks and I hope to return soon so I can see it all decorated and really made into "Nancy's home."
Alice rocks!
I also stopped at Coopertown - Alice Cooper's bar/restaurant so I could pick up a birthday present and tee shirt for my nephew, Paul.  That was fun.

This was the first time in almost a year I ventured more than 100 miles from my new home here in Georgia.  It felt good!  I'll be back soon, Nancy!

Feeding a squirrel noodle salad!

The three Chichuly glass sculptures at the entrance to the gardens. Fabulous!
If you EVER get a change to see his art, GO!  I have seen his art in various locations
in the United States and it is always wonderful