Wednesday, December 17, 2014


 Dear Family & Friends

Another quiet and blessed year. 

Lady a/k/a Ladybug
I started fostering dogs in late 2013 through Mostly Mutts Rescue Group and continued to do so for many months and many dogs.  I am fortunate my Sam and Oliver are easy going dogs!  In late June I decided to take a break from fostering when an urgent call for fosters came out for the 4th of July weekend.  “Well,” I thought, “I can take a dog for 3-4 days, no problem!”  I picked up Lady on Thursday and she never left.  I became a “foster failure.”  However, I still help out with transport of dogs and in other areas, when I can.  Lady is an interesting mix of a little dog – and her name fits her well.  She is small boned and dainty and between 9-10 years old.  Sam and Oliver have adjusted well to another female in the house and I often find them all curled up together on one of their beds.  Lady’s collar has a typical large “Southern girl” bow on it and her tag the bling of rhinestones!  Oh, yes – it is good to have another female around!

 Not too much travel this year.  I took a quick trip to Florida in February to help my friend, Rita clear out her mom’s condo.  We returned in September for a week after Rita decided to purchase the condo and needed to furnish it.  The highlight of my trips was a whirlwind five day trip to Wisconsin to attend the wedding of the son of my dear friend, Beth.  My sister, Suzanne, went with me and we stayed with her friend, Joyce.  The wedding was fabulous.  I didn’t get to see everyone on my list (exhaustion kept getting in the way), but I did get to meet my 4-year old great nephew, Zach, for the first time.  It was fun seeing him and his big sister, Shannon.  I returned home very tired, but glad I went back to Milwaukee.

Martha came for a week in May.  It is always fun to have her here.  Sharon and John stopped in for a night in July.  They enjoyed Gibbs Gardens very much and I wish they could have stayed longer.  Sally came for over a week over Thanks giving.  We had a great time, but really missed Amy, who could not make it this year.
Sam the man with the playtime plan!
I am still rather obsessed with quilting!  I keep pumping them out.  I have donated a couple of my quilts to help raise money for Mostly Mutts. 
This year my pledge is to finish up all the projects I have and only to work on one or two larger quilts.  Well, maybe three or four . . .  !  I also want to concentrate on making Quilts for Kids, which provides quilts for children in various hospitals.
We all like to read in this house!
I am still working part time at the library.  It is enjoyable and I work with really great people.  The patrons are usually wonderful to work with, but every once in a while an “interesting” one wonders in!  If the public thinks that because of E-books and more electronic devises that libraries are becoming obsolete they are wrong!  We are busier than ever and offer more and more programs as our limited funding provides. 

As the long winter nights set in my goal this winter is to listen to all of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books on CD.  I find spending time listening to books while doing hand work on a quilt is relaxing and more productive than watching TV.  For those of you who know the Outlander series – all eight books – this might take me more than one winter!  Outlander was 28 CDs and I am plugging away on Dragonfly in Amber – the second book - which is 33 CDs!  I think the books grow larger with each new one.

I have made some wonderful friends here in Georgia over the last couple of years.  I am fortunate to keep in touch with all of the friends I left in Wisconsin and throughout the US and Ireland. My job is interesting and I have hobbies that keep me busy.  I share my home with three wonderful, tail wagging souls that bring me much joy and happiness.  My family is all healthy and happy.  2015 will bring a trip to North Carolina in April and a return to Ireland at the end of the year.  I am looking forward to for many visitors and adventures in between. 

I hope you have a joyous holiday season and a safe, healthy and happy 2015.