Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Yesterday I went into my local Publix grocery store. I have been in the store several times and am always impressed at how helpful the employees are.

Twice I had employees approach me asking if they could help me. Each time I laughed and stated that I was new to the area and was slowly finding my way around not only Publix, but the whole Canton, GA area. Both times the employees smiled and welcomed me to Georgia.

When I couldn't find the exact type of cheese I wanted an employee walked me over to the area it was located, laughing that he didn't understand why they kept this particular cheese in this area, away from the other cheeses. HE WALKED ME OVER TO THE CHEESE.

Now, in Milwaukee at the Pick 'n Saves I shop in it is hard to even find an employee for assistance, let alone have them walk me to an item I am searching for. Usually it is a point of the finger and a general aisle area.

When I checked out the lady who bagged my groceries - yes, BAGGED MY GROCERIES, offered to WALK THEM TO MY CAR! This nice lady probably had 25 years on me! Of course, I declined and thanked her for offering.

And, on my way out I stopped by the customer service desk and asked for the manager. When she approached with a worried look on her face I thanked her for her store and the great employees she has. We had a pleasant, short conversation where I told her my good experiences in this store would never happen in Milwaukee.

I'm liking it here!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Still Here, There and Everywhere (or so it seems)

The move went very well. The new house in Georgia is everything I could have hoped for and more. I am about 85% unpacked. Boy, unpacking is sure easier and much less stressful than packing!

I'm back in Milwaukee for now, but return to Georgia for next week for a stay. My project for that visit will be to unpack my quilting room, set it up and START TO SEW AGAIN! YAHOO!

My first project will be to make a curtain for the quilting room window out of an old table cloth my Mom used. It is funky - old, a little stained and a few small holes in it, but I think it will look OK. Maybe with today's new laundry technology (stain removers) I can get it looking a little better, but I don't really care. It will be fine.

I will post pictures of my new house once I am down there again. And, two months from now I should be in Georgia permanently!