Monday, January 21, 2013

Pondering Heaven and Hell

Recently on Facebook I was "unfriended" by a women I had been Facebook "friends" with for a while.  Although, I didn't really know her, we had mutual friends.  Y'all know how that Facebook friends thing works!

From what I can gather she unfriended me due to my "liberal" views (especially being pro Gay marriage) and the lack of Jesus in my life.  Well - to each their own.  I have my views and she has her views.  However, what cracked me up about this whole situation is that she told me I would be condemned to hell - fire and brimstone.  That's pretty vivid.

I haven't really thought too much of hell.  Heaven, neither, to be truthful.  So, I've been giving it some thought in my "ghastly, un-American liberal" and "godlessness" manner (her words).  And, I have concluded that hell doesn't exist and heaven is what you make of it. 

I've been through some really rough times in my life.  Really bad.  If those times weren't going through hell and back, well - I don't know what is.
Been there, done that
That being said, I have always joked that if there is a hell and I was sent to it, I would wind up spending eternity in the Precious Moments Museum, it would be constantly snowing and Julio and Willie would be singing "To All the Girls I've Love Before" 24/7.  Truly, for me that would be hell.  And, yes, there really is a Precious Moments Museum in Carthage, MO - the city where my parents met.  Go figure. I could never stand those figurines and it would give me great pleasure to smash them.  But, I digress. 

These things make me gag.  Where's the hammer?
Heaven?  Hmmm . . . that's a tough one.  I just can't grasp the whole angels, harps and sitting on cloud notion.  Since I tend to find God in nature and believe God is in us and all around us, I guess if there was a heaven it would, for me, be a beautiful garden.  A lovely garden with flowers, streams, trees, mountains in the background.  My dogs, my wonderful dogs that I have had in my life, would be running all around me and I would be with the people I loved while on Earth. 

Now this is something I really believe
But, I believe we never really leave the Earth. I believe our spirit may leave, our soul, but that there always remains a part of us, an essence.  Like the  Buddhists, I believe we return over and over again.  So, maybe I wouldn't be in my heavenly garden for long, but I sure do hope I see the dogs!  And, I believe the people we love the most return with us.  It is a continuous, flowing circle. 

Truthfully, this is a vast generalization and that's enough for me.  It gives me much peace. 

Since it is a lovely day here in Georgia and my dogs need a long walk, that is what we will do.  And, as we walk I will look at the blue January sky and watch the hawks float across it.  I will laugh at the sniffing of my dogs and wave to neighbors as they drive by.  I will look for bulbs already poking through the ground and marvel at just how good life is.  And, it is.  It is a true blessing from God.

For my ex Facebook friend?  Well, I hope the proverbial screen door doesn't hit her on her way out!