Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Yikes! The young couple loved my house, it passed the inspector's careful eyes (I have to do some repair work on the chimney, but that is OK) and the closing is scheduled for May 11th. My house sold in 11 days. Amazing.

I leave today for Georgia where I will be actively looking for a new home in the Canton area.

Yikes, is right!

Anyone want to help me pack?

Friday, March 26, 2010

House For Sale

My house if officially on the market. The first weekend (last weekend) I have 5 showings! That was exciting. Unfortunately, no offers. I had a showing last night and the couple like it so much they are returning tonight to see it one more time. No other scheduled showings for the weekend.


Keeping a house clean 24/7 is harder than I thought. it has made me realize just how much I leave laying round and I am a very neat and tidy person. I can't imagine how people with children do it when trying to sell a home. I did drag out my quilting things long enough to cut and sew binding and machine sew it to the top a quilt so I can start the hand stitching process.

And, since I don't have any showings this weekend I plan to work once again on my Underground Railroad quilt. I have 1 1/2 blocks left to go and then I can start the lattice and posts. Every other quilting project is on hold.

Please, please someone buy my house. I need to start quilting again!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Few Words on Quilting - or My Lack of It.

I haven't quilted in weeks. Packing and organizing have consumed me (well, a couple of other issues, too, but I digress).

I have packed up a lot of my quilting paraphernalia. Six huge boxes. This includes material and patterns for future quilts and completed quits and well as other miscellaneous quilting items. I kept out several kits and projects, both on-going and waiting to complete.

I currently have 4 quilts that need to be bound and I will get 2 more back from the quilter tomorrow. So, hopefully this weekend I can get a few of them machine bound.

Jeannie's BOM quilt is still in progress as is my Underground Railroad quilt. Hopefully, within the next few weeks the Underground Railroad quilt will be sent to the quilters. My dreams of starting the Wisconsin Barn quilt that Jen is offering will probably wait until after I retire. Sigh. I really wanted to start it, but I have my nephew's Double Irish Chain quilt to start ASAP (Ha - that's funny!)

In the midst of this I have to keep my house neat and tidy for possible showings. Ha! That's funny, too!

I kept out my two rolling carts full of scraps and fat quarters for Jeannie's BOM and other small projects. The carts can be tucked into a small closet each night. Both my sewing baskets are still out, but one really should be packed up as it is not used that often. All of the rulers are hang nicely from hooks in a closet.

I've been quilting less than 2 years! Where did all of this come from?

Of all of the things I have packed, I miss my quilting stuff the most. I like having it spread all over the house. I like finding tiny pieces of snipped fabric. I like my threads on the floor. Am I nuts? I crave my rotary cutter and miss the hum of the sewing machine.

Next week I start quilting again!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Getting Ready for Retirement

Funny things start to happen when you tell people you are going to retire.

First, I went to a work offered retirement seminar last November. It was great - well organized and very informative. I was given lots of brochures and pamphlets to read, which I have done. There are just over 200 of us City workers that fall into a group that are eligible to retire if we use the incentives they are offering. Truthfully, we would be crazy not to grab the deal and run, which is exactly what I am doing! However, all at once I started to receive mail from the Employees Retirement System - pension estimators, benefit plans, etc. Yikes! This is really going to happen!

Co-workers approch me. "Hey," they say, "I hear you're retiring!" Or, "How much longer do you have?" Or "What will you be doing once you go?" This is all fun stuff, although my immediate co-workers must be getting tired of hearing my answers all of the time. Several co-workers insist on getting together after work as my "time" approaches. I'm looking forward to that!

The most asked question is, "How many more days?" Well, as of today I have 5 months and 14 days. Exact days? I'm not sure. Well under 100. I got vacation time to use and it will all be spent house hunting in Georgia and moving down there.

This is all good stuff. Fun stuff. I thought it would be much different, but recently life has a way of kicking me in the butt and directing me down paths I really didn't want to go. But, it is all good (at least that is what I am telling myself over and over). It is all a learning experience. It is a new path, a new part of my life - so very different than what I am use to.

If I survive what I am going through now, if I survive selling my house, buying a new home and a move to a whole new state without losing my mind, if I make it to August 23, 2010 - a whole new life will begin.

Bring it on!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Packing it Up!

Last week my wonderful sister, Suzanne, flew up and we spent 3 1/2 days packing and organizing my basement as well as other areas in preparation for the sale of my house.

Now, I am not a wuss and I can pack, but I was stuck in a rut and needed Suzanne to give me that swift kick in the butt to get going. She is good at that!

We got a lot accomplished and 72 boxes and bins are sealed, neatly labeled and ready to go. And, more boxes to pack. SEVENTY-TWO with more to come. Jeez - where did all this stuff come from? And, now I have 4 large boxes in my dining room full of quilts and quilt stuff. More of that, too. This doesn't include every day things that I will need until my house actually sells like pots and pans, dishes, etc.

Every night more "stuff" gets sorted through and packed or put into boxes for Goodwill. Friends and family are welcome to things they admired and would like for their own so a lot is leaving via the front door. My desk and curio cabinet are claimed and waiting to be moved (please come get them). I would much rather give things to friends and family than sell them on Craig's List. This way people will have a remembrance of me and something they like. Pictures/art work are bubble wrapped and not much is left on the walls. My home is becoming more and more depersonalized. Sigh.

I have contacted a couple of realtor's and one will be chosen this weekend. My house will be ready in a couple of weeks. I have a cleaning service coming in to do a heavy spring cleaning before any perspective buyers come in to view it. I am keeping my nephew busy with fixing broken light switches, moving things around and general "PLEASE COME OVER AND HELP ME DO XXXXX"

Yup. This is all happening. I am retiring and moving to Georgia. The Canton area of Georgia, close to the Blue Ridge and within a quick drive from Suzanne and my nephews.

It is exciting, fun and stressful.

And, I am scared to death!