Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Arbor Day Celebration in Canton, GA

The City of Canton offered free tree seedings as well as trees and shrubs you could purchase a few weeks ago.  My friend Tanya and I went to take advantage of the free seedlings and check it  out.  We both bought a lot of plants and my car was jammed full of them!  It was a fun thing to do on a nice February morning!

Tanya selecting a tree

Volunteers loading up my car
Both the trunk and back seat were full of plants, even Tanya's side had some!

It's a Dog's Life

Shortly after I adopted Oliver he got a hair cut.  I had him cut very, very short has he was just a mess and very smelly.
I prefer keeping my dogs fur short and in summer it is the best options.  They left the hair on his tail too long, but next time I will have it cut shorter.  He also had a vet appointment - a freebe from getting him from the shelter.  We now think he is mainly Shih Tzu, with some poodle thrown in for good measure.  Doesn't matter to me.  He is a great dog and fun to have around.  He and Sam and best buddies. Oliver sure makes his presence known!

Sam had eye surgery.  He had a "cherry" eye that kept popping out.  So, for about 10 days I had a little cone head.   Still wanted  to play, play, play.  Unfortunately, Oliver was afraid of his cone.  But, until his eye was completely healed, Sam had to wear the cone.  And, I am happy to report that the surgery was very successful.

The two of them love to chase each other around the house.  Around the couch, around the dining room table, into the bedroom and back.  Oliver will be at one end of the couch and Sam at the other.  They will eye each other and one will start to chase the other and it starts all over again.  They play tug of war with the toys.  I can't wait to see what happens when the hard wood floors go in and they won't have the carpet to run around on!

Since my Lover's Knot quilt is complete and waiting to be quilted, I decided it was time to break them of the habit of sleeping in bed with me.  I don't want them dragging their dirty paws on this beautiful quilt.  It took 3 nights!  Once in a while when I go into my bathroom I will come out to see Sam curled up on the bed, but basically they know it is now off limits.

However, they do have other comfy places to rest!