Sunday, May 27, 2012

Remembering Veteran's on Memorial Day

I've been doing some research on my family history over the last few years.  My dear Aunt Virginia, who died last December, was really the family historian.  I have always been interested in my family trees and Aunt Virginia share a considerable amount of her work with me years ago - long before the internet and various genealogy search engines.  I have tons of handwritten note cards I copied from her notes in the late 1970.

While I did a small amount of research the past couple of years via Ancestry.Com, there is still much to do.

One thing I find interesting is the proud history my family has in serving our country.  I am awed and thankful for these men.  I am sure I have more "southern" ancestors who fought for the Confederacy, I haven't had a chance to research them.  That will all come.  And, while I could not find evidence of any women who served in the armed forces, there were two women who became widows and children who lost their fathers due to their husbands/fathers sacrifice. 

But, here is what I know thus far:

John Sloan (Maternal Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather) - Killed in the Revolutionary War.  Rank of Caption.  There is a brick monument recognizing the battle he was killed at and near his grave at Ramsour's Mill, NC.  Fortunately for the rest of us, he was married with children before he died.  Otherwise, I wouldn't be here! 

"During the Revolutionary War Capt. John Sloan received orders to report with thirteen other men to Ramsour'sMill in Lincoln County. On Sunday morning June 18, 1780, he along with Davidson, Sharpe, Falls and Houston joined other troops from the Catawba Valley. The Tories outnumbered them three to one, but a retreat would encourage the Tories. They decided to march throughout the night and surprise the Tories at daylight. At the end of the fierce fighting, some with swords, about 70 men were lost by the Patriots, including George and Andrew Davidson and Capt John Sloan. A simple marker designates the graves of those who fell in the Battle of Ramsour's Mill on June 20, 1780. Six Whig captains, including Capt. John Sloan, were buried at the site in Lincoln County. "

Friderich (Fredrick) Schleifer (Paternal Great, Great Grandfather) - U.S. Army - Civil War - His discharge papers state that he was with Captain William H. Baldwin's Company "B" First Regiment of Engineers, New York and served from April 15, 1862 and was discharged June 13, 1865.  He was born in Germany (actually Prussia at that time), immigrated to the United States  sometime during the first nine years of his life and served in the Army.  Considering he was born in April 2, 1841 - he did a lot in a short period of time!

William York (Maternal Great, Great Uncle) - Army of the Confederacy - Civil War - Killed at the battle of Baker's Creek, Mississippi, May 16, 1863, 5th Missouri Infantry, Field and Staff Company "15."  I sincerely hope he wasn't killed by my Great, Great Grandpa Schleifer!

Verlon John Schleifer (Father) - U.S. Army (Medic) - World War II
(Miss you, Daddy)

Uncle Glenn and Dad
Glenn Ewald Schleifer (Paternal Uncle) U. S. Navy - World War II

Marlon Banerian (Brother-in-Law) - U.S. Army Reserves

Michael William McDonough (former brother-in-law, father of my nephew, Patrick) - U.S. Army - Viet Nam

William Luebbe (ex-husband) - Lance Corporal U.S. Marines - Viet Nam, two tours of  duty, Honorable Discharge July 16, 1973.