Thursday, March 19, 2009

Walking with the Dogs

This week I've been walking the "girls" very early each morning - around 6:15am. Notice I use the word "with" the dogs, not "taking" them for a walk! Big difference.

We walk each other actually. They slow me down while taking lingering sniffs and I drag them along with the sniffs become obsessive.

This morning was lovely. During the pre-dawn hour, a sliver of a moon hung in the blue sky surrounded by huge, dark clouds. Since I love the moon in all of her phases, this glimpse was breathtaking.

The birds are very active this time of day. Even though we walk very early in the morning, the robins are singing their little hearts out. I like to think one joins us, flying from tree to tree and serenading us as we walk. However, it is more than likely many robins saying "Good Morning!" to each other. Other birds join the chorus - the chirp of the little sparrow, the whistling of the cardinals, the cries of the gulls. Every morning has the opportunity to turn in to a major bird concert!

I'm by nature a morning person. I love these walks as much as Gracie and Lucy Lou do. It gives my day a boost of inner peace and contentment. It is my time to spend with God, with nature. It is my prayer.

Sniffs and all.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Projects, more projects

Here are a few pictures of quilts in progress.

Above is the Wee Spin wall hanging from the class I took at Ye Olde Schoolhouse last weekend. I took a picture of it being laid out. I sewed jelly rolls (40" strips of 2 1/2" wide pieces of material) together and then cut them out into 4 1/2 triangles. The triangles get pieced together to form hexagons. I had a lot more fabric then called for so I just kept going, adding another row to the finished hanging. It is off to be quilted this weekend. I love the 1930s reproduction materials and the "school house" look to the hanging. Clicking on the pictures should enlarge them so you can see the materials. They're fun!

Next is a quilt I'm calling my "Springtime" quilt due to the colors. However, they look totally different on this picture - much brighter. This is a large 9 patch, each block is a finished 15" and it will be another large queen/king sized quilt. Clicking on the picture shows the fabric better. I love the blue fabric.

And, I am in the process of finishing up a twin sized quilt. I just started hand sewing the binding on.

Phil made me promise not to purchase any more material until I have all of my projects completed.

I'm trying . . .

Another quilt finished

So, my "quilt from hell" aka Basket Weave 4 patch is all finished! This is the first large quilt I attempted and now that it is quilted and the last stitch of the binding hand sewed, I am happy with the results.

It is HUGE. I thought I was making it for a queen size bed, but so much more hangs on the other side which from this picture you can't see, it would fit well on a king size bed.

Here are some additional pictures.

Once again I had it professionally quilted at The Patched Works.

We chose a very simple pattern, I believe called "Rain" since the quilt itself was busy and I really wanted the "basket weave" to show. The "quiltie" ladies, as they are called at the store, are wonderful and so helpful.

Here is the backing. I love the material and am using it on my "dragon fly" quilt, which is currently being quilted by Meandering Mary. The quilting shows up a little better in this pic.